BC Wildfires

As you all know by now, the interior of BC is burning. There are wildfires raging across the province and thousands of people and animals have been evacuated and continue to be moved out of their homes to safety.

We are planning to send a truck to Kamloops to load hay tomorrow, Wednesday July 12th. This truck will be loading with around 360 small square bales just outside Kamloops and delivering to the Kamloops Exhibition Grounds. We are donating equipment and fuel. My awesome delivery guys and drivers have offered to give their time as well. I am hoping people who want to help will consider donating cash to buy more hay. Kamloops has limited space available so we plan to start with this one truck load and go from there.

If you are interested in donating we are accepting donations by etransfer to wrayton@telus.net or by credit card. If you’d like to donate by visa or master card please phone the office 604-539-2304. If I don’t answer please leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap. I thought this was a better system than GoFundMe as that takes a percentage of the donations and we, of course, will not.

Thank you to everyone who has already helped and please feel free to share this post. Any donations beyond what are needed to supply hay will be given elsewhere for fire relief and I will ask for input as to where best to donate when that time comes.


-Tamara Wrayton

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