Wildfire Fundraising Update

I cannot believe the outpouring of support for this idea. Less than 24 hours ago I proposed an idea to my friends on Facebook and as of this morning we have raised $3075.00. There is $2595 as you can see in a savings account as credit card donations haven’t yet been deposited. I have promises of other money as well so expect this number to climb. I won’t share individual names of donors but there are a few businesses I’d like to mention. Dr. Nick Kleider gave one of the first donations yesterday as well as Linnet Lane Stables in Victoria and Footnote Farms here in Langley. I received a generous donation from the makers of G’s Formula Equine Supplement as well as donations from Bryn Carregwen Welsh Sport Horses and Ania from EquiKneads. Oh I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Of course there have been many personal donations as well.

Drew, one of our class 1 drivers and the eldest of our children, left this morning for Kamloops with Clint, another of our crew members, and is scheduled to load hay at the farm of Jeff Wills, just outside of Kamloops. I’ll have a better idea when they are loaded as to how many bales they have and what price has been decided upon. Both these young men have offered their time free of charge.

This first load will be delivered to Kamloops Exhibition Grounds and we plan to see how things go from there. Right now there is enough money for this one load and as they have limited space I think the boys may reload for the coast (this load will be purchased by Wrayton Transport at regular price and Drew and Clint will be paid their usual wages for this portion of the trip) and head home tonight unless I hear from someone in need before then. I will continue to accept donations over the weekend in the hopes we can send another load to another evacuation centre somewhere in the interior, possibly early next week. I suspect things will be bad for those who’ve had to leave their homes for some time and they will continue to need our help and support long past this initial state of emergency.

Again thank you to all those who have helped by donating money and support to the fire victims.


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