Hay Donated to the KXA and Circle Creek Ranch

Fundraising update as of this afternoon: We have raised $3500! This is incredible and I have more people yet to contact who’ve asked to donate so this total will increase more still. Drew has been to KXA already where he delivered 383 bales, 13 ton total. The cost for this hay was $7/bale and it worked out to $200/ton so a huge discount from farmer Jeff! Its beautiful as well, this is not last years crap he’s trying to clear out, this is 2017 orchard alfalfa mix. I even have a test on it lol not that I think people are terribly worried about that right now. The cost for the first load is $2610 which leaves us around $900 in the kitty.

I received a call this morning via HCBC about Colleen Myers at Circle Creek Ranch. Colleen is housing 25+ evacuated horses at her ranch just south of Kamloops. I hope everyone is comfortable with my having made the decision to send her hay as well. Drew has already reloaded and is heading there with 200 bales or so (he’ll give me exact counts later.) I did offer her a full load of 300+ bales but she only wants that much right now in case the horses are able to go home soon. We figure that will give her 10 days worth and we’ll see how things progress after that.

I will continure to collect any money people wish to donate however Eddie and I will be covering the extra cost of Colleen’s hay of course. Drew is going to head over to Barriere when he gets done at Colleen’s where he’ll sleep at our friends ranch and he’ll load hay for to bring home for resale in the morning.

We have also been approached by a group in Mission who need donated “people supplies” hauled to Prince George next week. We are trying to facilitate that but the organizers are struggling to get the goods packaged in such a way that we can safely tie everything on to flat deck trailers. I am trying to find a van trailer as it would be simpler to load but I will keep you all posted on how that goes and also how need for horse hay develop through this next week or so.

Thank you so very much for all the help and support, both financial and emotional, you have all given me. Its amazing what we can do when we work together.




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