BC Wildfire Fundraiser

An update on the money we have raised as of this morning: I am amazed at the generosity of the horse community. I have had people from the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and even Alberta contribute to this fund. Friends, family, clients and total strangers. As of this morning there has been $4450.00 donated and I am waiting to hear back from at least one person with their credit card number for more.

I have a couple concerns. If you have etransferred me money and you have not received an email confirmation for the funds being deposited please contact me. I am certain I have deposited all the transfers I have been notified of but I am concerned not all the notification emails are arriving in my inbox. Also I know at least 2 people were having trouble at their end getting the transfers to go through. Please let me know if you think you may have sent money and I can confirm if I have received it at my end.

As you can see there is currently $4300.00 in the savings account. I have a $50 cash donation as well as a cheque to deposit for $100. I will get up to the bank today to deal with that. We have spent $2681.00 on the first load of hay delivered to the KXA, this was 383 bales @ $7/bale. I have written a cheque for that load and it has cleared so I will transfer that amount over to the chequing account to cover it. I will mail a cheque today for the remaining 200 bales that went to Circle Creek. This leaves us $369.00 (plus whatever else arrives.) I was thinking I would leave this amount for now and see what next week brings. If we need to move more hay to those areas that need it we can.

My other thought: HCBC had a disaster relief fund. They have already used this to arrange a delivery of hay to the evacuation centre in Prince George. I was unable to help with that as we don’t have hay contacts in PG however Vanderveens was able to put Horse Council in touch with a farmer in the area. I was thinking any excess money we raise here could go to that fund for these fires or to be held for future need. Feel free to give me your thoughts on this. As well, if you are wanting to contribute but are uncomfortable giving the money to us here at Wrayton Transport, I understand, honestly I can’t believe so many people are trusting me with this money, you have no idea how much that means to me, HCBC is also accepting donations. This may be a way for folks to contribute in a more secure manner. All funds are used for the horses. Here is a link to their program: https://hcbc.online/donate

I would like to add one more thing, people are so amazingly generous and I see so many people wanting to help. But evacuation centres are being inundated with things they don’t need. Much like the hay situation, cash donations are always best. This allows those on the ground in the disaster zones to purchase what they really need. They are also often able to buy in bulk to reduce the expense and business often give discounts in these situations. As with the hay we were able to purchase in Kamloops was much cheaper than hay purchased here on the coast and shipped up. This means the money you have all donated went farther. HCBC was able to purchase hay in PG and shipping cost, fuel and such, were negligible, meaning more money went directly to the horses. So please consider when donating items that maybe cash would be better spent on site.

Once again, thank you so much! I will keep everyone update as we go along.


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