Taisce Stables Hay Delivery

I apologize for my tardy update. As of today we have $649.00 left in the fund. I was put in touch with the ladies at Taisca Stables in Delta last week. Victoria and Crystal have taken in 44 evacuated horses, most miniatures. While they have received some donations of hay the volume was not as the had been promised and they are concerned that the extra 10 bales a day they are going through will become too much of a burden for them alone. As well as the barn simply needing hay to feed all these extra mouths, with so many of the evacuees being of the miniature sort, sugar is also an issue. I have arranged to send a load of hay, a bit of a mix and match load, some straight alfalfa for the older horses as well as those who’ve lost weigh due to the stress of the evacuation. They will be receiving some low sugar orchard alfalfa for the easier keepers and a softer slightly higher energy orchard alfalfa mix as well. This will allow Victoria and Crystal to feed each horse individually.

I suspect this delivery will more than exhaust the money we have raised. If people are still interested in contributing I am happy to accept any donations and use them to provide hay however HCBC’s Disaster Relief Fund is also an excellent place to donate. We are in contact with Horse Council and will continue to help them get hay where it is needed by using our contacts through the interior of BC. Here is the link to the HCBC donation page: https://hcbc.online/Donate

Another way for those on the coast to help is to give your time. If you can’t leave home, as I can’t, but want to offer your time there are horses who have been shipped to the coast in order to get them out of harms way. The people caring for these extra animals could use help. I suggest you contact HCBC and find out where horses are being hosted and offer to clean paddocks! Everyone involved in this effort could use more help.


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