G’s Formula Now Available

I’m so excited!! We are thrilled to be carrying a product I have been recommending to clients for ages now. G’s Formula! We now have G’s Formula available for pick up or delivery along with your hay (as of Wednesday November 29th I will have both tubs and refill packages available here at the farm.)
Those of you who are already using this product know how well horses do when this one simple supplement is added. I am the anti-supplement Queen. When you go to the tack store or feed store, the array of supplements is overwhelming and most have the same ingredients. In an effort to do what is best for our horses I think a lot of us tend to OVER supplement, the “if a little is good, more must be better” philosophy. We buy 3 different supplements and feed them all religiously all the while our horses didn’t really need most of what we’ve just paid a lot of money for. Mineral balancing, starting with your hay, is something I am learning more about (more on that soon) and of course that, imo, has value. However, I believe in good hay. Start with good, tested hay. If your horse needs “more,” more calories, more energy, more something, add more alfalfa, change the nutritional content of your hay. Really it’s that simple. My horses always look fantastic. Anyone who knows us knows Bravo is STILL sleek and shiny and has dapples all over his little bum, despite the weather, despite the cold, despite growing a winter coat. My ponies are sleek and shiny, have good hoof growth and are always in good flesh. However, G’s Formula is the one supplement I think ALL horses should have.
G’s formula was developed to maintain the digestive tract using proven natural food sources. It is a patented, organic, non-GMO, whole food digestive aid designed to heal and support a healthy digestive tract. G’s is made using only human grade, certified organic ingredients, no fillers, chemicals or additives are used; just food, the way nature intended. The ingredients are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure natural enzymes required for digestion are not destroyed. G’s Formula helps keep tummies happy and if your horse does not have a happy tummy nothing else really matters. 
If you would like more information please have a look at the G’s Formula website https://gsorganicsolutions.com/G’s
Like the G’s Formula Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gsorganicsolutions/
Or call or email me, I love to talk about horses and how to make their tummies happier and healthier 🙂
(I will have more information on the website shortly, as this is a new product we are just getting organized and you will not find G’s on our online order form, please just email me at wrayton@telus.net to place your order.)
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