Winter Weather

Yesterday I shared some photos on Facebook of the horrific road conditions through the mountain passes of BC. These photos below show just what the truck drivers who supply us with so many of our goods, not just hay, have to deal with over the winter. This is Rogers Pass heading west and Alberta Canyon eastbound.

We had a load of hay stuck right in the middle of this mess though farther east. Clayton was on his way home after a very long, ugly journey out to Alberta. After leaving Chilliwack with a load of steel Tuesday morning, he was stopped behind a truck wreck in Banff most of Tuesday night. He finally got through, made it to Lethbridge to deliver his load of freight, then on to Taber where he loaded hay. On his way home he was stopped just east of Golden. Given the predicted length of the road closure, highway crews started turning trucks around and sending them back to Alberta. This is no easy feat when you pull super-B’s and your rig is over 80 feet long. He did it and headed for Edmonton late yesterday, then on through Blue River and down the Yellowhead Highway to Kamloops. However he’s still not home. Sitting on the highway counts as driving hours despite the road conditions so drivers also risk running out of hours and have to pull over where they can to remain legal. I should see him sometime this afternoon/evening.







Thankfully today looks very different. The weather has improved and the forecast for the weekend is clear. This will give road and avalanche crews a chance to catch up. Once that happens the two trucks in AB loading timothy today will be able to get home as well and the crew here will be busy catching up on deliveries. The price page is up to date and all the tests are there for you to look at.

Drew will be heading up to the interior tomorrow where he will load orchard alfalfa. This hay is not yet listed as I’m not sure exactly which hay he will be able to access. I’m hoping for some 1st cut and some 2nd but with the amount of snow on the ground it will be a matter of which sheds he can reach with the truck. I’ll update you all on Sunday once he’s home safe and sound.



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