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Teff Hay: Forage For The Metabolic Horse

By Tamara Wrayton Teff hay is a fairly recent option for those of us looking for a low sugar, mid protein, forage crop for our equines here in British Columbia. But what is teff? Teff has been shown to be an excellent option for the metabolic horse and those easy keepers; it has even been… Read more »

Forage for the Sugar-Sensitive Horse

by Lynda M. Vanden Elzen Nearly every day, we receive a call from someone looking for low sugar hay for their sugar-sensitive horse.  Reasons for sugar-sensitivity in horses are varied, but the most common calls we receive are on behalf of horses who: have Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS); have Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID – commonly… Read more »

Can I Trust my Hay Analysis?

By Lynda M. Vanden Elzen & Tamara Wrayton At Wrayton Transport Hay Sales, we have been testing the hay we sell for years.  In the old days before hay testing, hay quality was evaluated based on general appearance, texture, colour, what was in it, and how it smelled.  If you had a fat horse, you fed… Read more »

How Much Does My Horse Eat?

by Lynda M. Vanden Elzen Whether we own one pleasure horse or a barn of fifty performance horses, it is important that all of us know how much our horses eat.  We need to be able to budget for the cost of feeding and be aware of how long our hay will last.  Also, knowing how much… Read more »

Propionic Acid-Treated Hay: Is it Safe?

By Lynda M. Vanden Elzen As horse owners, we always want to find the highest quality hay available for our horses.  Opinions vary regarding which type of hay is ideal, and a hay that is ideal for one horse may be detrimental to another.  One consistent requirement, however, is that hay is free of detectable… Read more »

Hay Storage Safety

By Lynda M. Vanden Elzen (Published originally in the Langley Times, June 29 2016, page 27) Did you know that hay can spontaneously combust, causing barn fires and loss of life, equipment, and structures? Hay is cut in the field, and then baled and stored. If the plants do not dry sufficiently before baling, the… Read more »

A Missing Link for the Metabolic Horse

By: Lynda M. Vanden Elzen We spend a lot of time here talking to customers about how to feed their sugar-sensitive horses.  People call looking for low sugar hay, and inevitably we end up talking about their horses with them.  We like to get a wholistic picture of the horses we are helping to feed so… Read more »

What is “Quality Hay”?

Written by Lynda M. Vanden Elzen Nearly every day, someone asks us, “What is quality hay?”  Is 2nd cut better than 1st cut?  Is timothy better than orchard grass?  Are alfalfa mixes better than grass hay?  Is soft hay better than coarse hay?  Is low sugar hay better than “regular” hay?  These are all good… Read more »

Timothy & Sugars

by Lynda M. Vanden Elzen Recently, we posted here about some of the many misconceptions and some general information about Alfalfa & Protein, and the article got a big response.  Alfalfa is not the only type of hay that is misunderstood – we receive calls from customers all the time who have been told that timothy hay is… Read more »

Alfalfa & Protein

by Lynda M. Vanden Elzen We get a LOT of questions and comments from customers about feeding alfalfa to horses. There are many myths circulated about alfalfa, which is unfortunate, because it can be an excellent horse feed. Alfalfa is a legume hay that is generally low in sugars, has no fructans (a type of sugar),… Read more »