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A quick and dirty math lesson

I have been asked several times in the last week how to find or where “where do you see” the NSC on a given hay test. What is NSC and how do you find it on your test? I think by now that we all know what NSC is and why those with metabolically challenged… Read more »

Is there glyphosate in my hay?

Glyphosate, also known by its trade name Round Up, seems to be quite the buzz word in hay lately. You will even find hay advertised as glyphosate free. Do you really need to be concerned about glyphosate contamination in the hay you feed your horses? I recently tested 5 stacks of hay we happen to… Read more »

Winter Weather

Yesterday I shared some photos on Facebook of the horrific road conditions through the mountain passes of BC. These photos below show just what the truck drivers who supply us with so many of our goods, not just hay, have to deal with over the winter. This is Rogers Pass heading west and Alberta Canyon… Read more »

Price increase

Due to contining increases in overhead and last years drought affecting the availability of quality hay, we’ve had to increase our prices slightly beginning this week. You’ll notice these changes on the price page. If you have already placed an order or received a quote I will honour the previous prices of course. We very… Read more »

G’s Formula Now Available

I’m so excited!! We are thrilled to be carrying a product I have been recommending to clients for ages now. G’s Formula! We now have G’s Formula available for pick up or delivery along with your hay (as of Wednesday November 29th I will have both tubs and refill packages available here at the farm.)… Read more »

Why should horse owners know how to read a hay test?

“I’ve just bought hay for my metabolically challenged horse. I was told the hay was ‘low sugar’ and possibly the sugar was ‘below 10.’” What does that mean? As owner’s it is our responsibity to advocate for our horses. We make all the decisions that affect their health. We chose where they live, what they… Read more »

Taisce Stables Hay Delivery

I apologize for my tardy update. As of today we have $649.00 left in the fund. I was put in touch with the ladies at Taisca Stables in Delta last week. Victoria and Crystal have taken in 44 evacuated horses, most miniatures. While they have received some donations of hay the volume was not as the… Read more »

BC Wildfire Fundraiser

An update on the money we have raised as of this morning: I am amazed at the generosity of the horse community. I have had people from the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and even Alberta contribute to this fund. Friends, family, clients and total strangers. As of this morning there has been… Read more »

Hay Donated to the KXA and Circle Creek Ranch

Fundraising update as of this afternoon: We have raised $3500! This is incredible and I have more people yet to contact who’ve asked to donate so this total will increase more still. Drew has been to KXA already where he delivered 383 bales, 13 ton total. The cost for this hay was $7/bale and it… Read more »

Wildfire Fundraising Update

I cannot believe the outpouring of support for this idea. Less than 24 hours ago I proposed an idea to my friends on Facebook and as of this morning we have raised $3075.00. There is $2595 as you can see in a savings account as credit card donations haven’t yet been deposited. I have promises… Read more »

BC Wildfires

As you all know by now, the interior of BC is burning. There are wildfires raging across the province and thousands of people and animals have been evacuated and continue to be moved out of their homes to safety. We are planning to send a truck to Kamloops to load hay tomorrow, Wednesday July 12th…. Read more »

Horseman’s Bazaar tomorrow March 13!

Don’t forget to join us at Thunderbird Show Park for the LMQHA’s annual Horseman’s Bazaar. Kids had fun helping us set up today. Lynda will be there all day manning the booth. She has lots of good handouts about hay testing and nutrition as well as pens, bumper stickers and candy! I will be in… Read more »

Thermal images of hoof during laminitis

An interesting article about the temperature of a foundering horse’s feet. Observations included: • Vasodilation (warm feet) promoted laminitis • Vasoconstriction (cold feet) protected (cryotherapy?) Thermal images of a hoof every hour 48 hours into laminitis:   To read the full article please follow this link: While we should of course endeavour to avoid triggering… Read more »

Welcome to our new website!

We have just launched our pretty awesome new website! We hope you enjoy it. Check back here for articles and thoughts from us – we are excited 🙂 Almost as excited as the mule.