Price List

We have the following hay available in the barn, and as always, we have other hay available by the trailer and super-B load.  Prices include delivery within our free delivery radius which includes all of Langley south of Hwy 1. A delivery fee may apply to other areas however this fee decreases as the size of your order increases. Please enquire for details.

Please see the tests below.  Click to make them bigger 😉

  • 1st cut Alberta timothy – LOW SUGAR – NSC 10.1% ($490/ton)
  •  2nd cut Alberta alfalfa ($490/ton)
  • 2nd cut Alberta timothy – NSC 13.28 ($490/ton)
  • 1st cut Alberta timothy alfalfa LOW SUGAR – NSC 10.98 ($490/ton)
  • 1st cut AB timothy/orchard/brome mix LOW SUGAR – NSC 9.6 ($490/ton)
  • G’s Formula pail or refill bag $150 + GST (60 day supply)

Bulk discounts available for hay purchased by the trailer or super-b load, so please enquire with us for details.

Purchase & Return Policy

At Wrayton Transport Hay Sales, we stand behind our hay.  We always practice the best quality control possible, but hay is an agricultural product, so mouldy bales do happen.  If you have bad bales, we will be happy to credit or replace them for you on your next order.

Horses are all individuals, so we cannot always predict if your horse will eat a particular hay.  For that reason, we encourage our customers to make an appointment to pick up sample bales of hay before placing an order.  After you have chosen hay and we have delivered it, if you choose later to return hay that is not mouldy, excessively dusty, or otherwise faulty, then an hourly fee will apply for us to remove it.

If you have any questions about this policy, please let us know.