Winter weather

Wow what a difference a day can make. Yesterday I shared some photos on Facebook of the horrific road conditions through the mountain passes of BC. These are the photos below, Albert Canyon going east and Rogers Pass going west. The highway was closed again overnight last night. One of our drivers was just east of Golden heading home to Langley and due to the predicted length of the closure the trucks were all turned around, no easy feat when you’re pulling super-B’s and your rig is 80+ feet long. He got himself turned around though and, along with all the other stuck trucks, headed home through Edmonton and on to Kamloops via the Yellowhead Highway.







Today the same roads look very different, thankfully, and the forecast for the weekend looks clear giving road and avalanche crews a chance to catch up.







As the stranded trucks and drivers slowly make their way home today and over the rest of the weekend, the crew here will be catching up on deliveries. The price page is up to date with all the hay we have available as well as copies of the tests.

There will be a load of orchard alfalfa as well, this isn’t on the price page yet, I’m waiting to see it, get weights and also to retest it, I can’t figure out where I saved the test for this particular stack so I’ll do it again so I will have the test available.